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The BAM Conservatory Ensemble (BCE) includes three terms in which students will participate in classes, a BCE production, and a series of master classes. Read below for more information on each part of the program!

Program Dates: September 22, 2019 - March 15, 2020

Sunday & Select Wednesday Evenings (full schedule here)

Designed for High School & College Students

Tuition: $895

(Additional costume fees for production not included.​)

2019/20 BAM Conservatory Ensemble Members include (left to right): Gwendolen Adelman, Clark Anderson, Charlie Cave, Mary Coffey, Katie Culloden, Katie Das, Kristen Das, Gemma Flamming, Charlotte Froiland, Lily Gerami, Belle Hart, Earl Hester, Katy Heverin, Jack Jarosz, Hayley Johnson, James Leonardi, Grace McGowan, Caroline Miller, Maria Romero, David Sobkowiak, Kiki Sikora, Sydney Thibodeaux, Ava Tommasone, Kate Turner, Natalie Wiley, Regan Wright, and Sophia Yen.

TERM ONE: Classes & Special Workshops

Sundays 5 - 9pm, September 22 - December 15, 2019


Class 1: Song Interpretation (8 sessions)

Teaching Artists: Harmony France & Patrick Hill

Song Interpretation is the cornerstone of all musical theatre acting. The most transcendent musical theatre performer is the one who finds the heart of the song and their character. In order to do that, the actor must analyze what they are singing and know how to ask and answer questions about the character and the song. This class gives the actor the tools to do this. The course will be broken down into several units, incorporating songs that are assigned by the instructor, as well as songs that the student chooses. 

Class 2: Studio Acting (8 sessions)

Teaching Artist: Barbara Robertson

An integral part of every musical theatre performer’s abilities is being able to take text and find the deeper emotion or meaning. Studio Acting will give the actor a variety of tools to be able to attack a scene, utilizing several different schools of acting technique, all with the aim of internalizing a character’s objective while being present and active on the stage.

Special Workshop 1: Audition Techniques (Sunday, October 13)

Workshop Technician: Melanie Lamoureux & Jena Sugai

Enhance your audition skills in this valuable workshop which will introduce students to the best professional practices on how to succeed in an audition setting. From audition etiquette, to putting together a professional resume, to mastering a cold read - the student will be given the tools necessary for a successful audition. 


Special Workshop 2: Viewpoints (Sunday, November 10)

Workshop Technician: Joan Herrington

Viewpoints is a movement technique that was developed by Anne Bogart and the SITI Company in New York. Viewpoints is a technique of improvisation originally born out of the dance world. They allow a group of actors to function together intuitively, providing a common language and space to generate bold, theatrical work. It develops skills like flexibility, articulation, and strength in movement, all of which make ensemble play possible. 


Special Workshop 3: Musical Theatre Dance (Sunday, December 1)

Workshop Technician: Shanna VanDerwerker

An important skill for every student to hone early on in their musical theatre career is their dance abilities. Our special guest artist will give you tips and tricks to be able to quickly learn and perform choreography to the best of your abilities, in order to be more successful at auditions and in rehearsals.


TERM TWO: Production

Wednesdays 5 - 8pm, October 30 - December 11, 2019

Wednesdays 5 - 8pm & Sundays 5 - 9pm, beginning January, 2020; Tech begins February 3

Performances February 7 - 9, 2020

Production Directors: Max Cervantes & Jena Sugai

Production Music Director: Patrick Hill

The production component of the BCE program aims to expand the horizons of our students by introducing them to something they would rarely have an opportunity to study and perform. It is our desire to present a completely new and fresh piece of musical theatre - either a title that has rarely been produced, or a completely fresh take on a more familiar piece of theatre.

Our 2019/2020 Conservatory Ensemble production will be Shaina Taub’s Twelfth Night.

BCE Production auditions will take place on Wednesday, October 9. Production rehearsals will commence Wednesday, October 16. Rehearsals will continue on Wednesday evenings throughout the remainder of the first term (while classes are held on Sundays). In January, rehearsals will be held on Wednesday and Sunday evenings until tech. The BCE production is designed to run in tandem with our Conservatory classes during the first term. Not only will this help the student solidify the principles they are learning in class, but it also will provide a real-world application for the tools they are developing. Requirements for production auditions are forthcoming. 

TERM THREE: Master Classes

Sundays Evenings, February 16 - March 8, 2020

Three invited Master Classes with industry theatre professionals will serve as the culmination of the BCE program. The objective of the master class component of the program is for students to demonstrate the principles they’ve learned throughout their course of study to the public, while also receiving direct feedback from industry professionals.


Ensemble members will be assigned to perform at one master class, but are expected to observe all of them. It is amazing how much students can learn and apply to their own performance through observation and analysis of others working. Participation in one of these Master Classes is contingent on the student's work ethic, overall attitude, and personal growth throughout the course of the program.

Master Class 1 (Feb. 23)

Master Class Technician: Jim Corti

Master Class 2 (March 1)

Master Class Technician: Bob Mason

Master Class 3 (March 8)

Master Class Technician: Jessie Fisher

Program Dates & Auditions

Click here to view the full schedule for the 2019/20 BCE program.

Auditions for the BAM Conservatory Ensemble have closed. Check back soon for announcements about auditions for our 2020/21 Ensembles! Stay up to date by signing up for email updates! And don't forget to check out our

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