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The Junior BAM Conservatory Ensemble (JrBCE) is an all new program designed for students to study acting and musical at an advanced level. An ensemble of 20 - 28 students train with experts in the theatre field to hone their craft and advance their performance skills. The program includes two terms: classes and workshops, and an original production created by the Junior Ensemble. Read below to learn more about the JrBCE curriculum!

Program Dates: September 22, 2019 - April 25, 2020

Sunday Evenings (full schedule here)

Designed for Students in Grades 3 - 8

Tuition: $895

(Additional costume fees not included.​)

2019/20 Jr BAM Conservatory Ensemble Members include (left to right): Clare B, Maeve B, Sophia D, Hannah E, Sydney E, Kendall F, Ella F, Tyler H, Sarah H, Caroline H, Jocelyn J, Katelyn K, Richard K, Emma L, Mia L, Austin L, Emily M, Eliana M, Jack M, Sammy M, Veronica M, Ethan O, Ella R, Peyton S, and Quentin S.

TERM ONE: Classes & Special Workshops

Sundays 5 - 8pm, September 22 - December 15, 2019


Class 1: Musical Theatre (8 sessions)

Teaching Artists: Peter Bromann & Melanie Lamoureux

Musical Theatre performance is more than just singing a song! This class will teach the students the skills and techniques required to masterfully learn, interpret, and perform a piece of music. In addition to solidifying singing technique, students will also be introduced to the concepts of song interpretation, selecting audition repertoire, ensemble singing, and much more!

Class 2: Acting (8 sessions)

Teaching Artist: Jena Sugai

Break down the art of acting and understand how to connect to text on a deeper level. This course will give the actor a variety of tools to create three-dimensional characters and attack any scene by analyzing text, channeling imagination, and building relationships with their fellow actors. 

Class 3: Ensemble Based Creation (8 sessions)

Teaching Artists: Claire Drews, Patrick Hill & Nick Thornton

It is astounding to witness a group of actors in true collaboration. In this course, students will learn how to connect with their peers on a deeper level through ensemble development. Stemming from the Viewpoints technique, actors will be able to unite their energy to become a dynamic ensemble force - an essential skill for any group working together onstage. Throughout the course of study, this class will evolve into a pre-extension of what will become the JrBCE Original Production. Students will put their creativity and imagination to work to come up with original pieces of theatre which will serve as the inspiration for their spring production. 

Special Workshop 1: Master Your Audition! (Sunday, October 13)

Workshop Technician: Melanie Lamoureux & Jena Sugai

Enhance your audition skills in this valuable workshop which will introduce students to the best professional practices on how to succeed in an audition setting. From audition etiquette, to putting together a professional resume, to mastering a cold read - the student will be given the tools necessary for a successful audition. 


Special Workshop 2: Creating A Show (Sunday, November 10)

Workshop Technician: Nick Thornton

In this workshop, students will discover all the necessities for creating a show. Discover how to generate a unique story, devise interesting characters, and put them all into action. What are the steps needed to take exceptionally creative ideas and then execute them onstage in a feasible manner? This workshop will serve as the starting point for the JrBCE spring production.


Special Workshop 3: Musical Theatre Dance (Sunday, December 1)

Workshop Technician: Shanna VanDerwerker

An important skill for every student to hone early on in their musical theatre career is their dance abilities. Our special guest artist will give you tips and tricks to be able to quickly learn and perform choreography to the best of your abilities, in order to be more successful at auditions and in rehearsals.

TERM TWO: Production

Sundays 5 - 8pm, beginning January 19, 2020

Tech begins April 20; Performances April 24 - 25, 2020

Production Director: Nick Thornton

Production Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Claire Drews

Production Music Director: Patrick Hill

The JrBCE Production will be an original musical production created by the Junior BAM Conservatory Ensemble students. Throughout the spring term, the JrBCE Production Directors - professionals who specialize in new musical theatre writing and development -  will effortlessly guide the students through the organic process of how to devise, script, rehearse, and produce a completely original musical work. The objective of the JrBCE program is to create truly well-rounded artists. The unique experience of creating something from the ground up is an outstanding way to foster the creative minds of all students involved, allowing each student’s artistic voice to be ignited.

Program Dates & Auditions

Click here to view the full schedule for the 2019/20 JrBCE program.


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