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The BAM Radio Hour: Once Upon a Time Machine

The Junior BAM Conservatory Ensemble (JrBCE) is an all new program designed for students to study acting and musical at an advanced level. An ensemble of 20 - 28 students train with experts in the theatre field to hone their craft and advance their performance skills. The program includes two terms: classes and workshops, and original productions created by the Junior Ensemble.


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our Junior Ensemble was unable to perform the three original musicals as originally planned. We decided to end our first year of the Junior Conservatory Ensemble with a unique virtual project that we are all very excited for! We are going to adapt the JrBCE shows into a podcast series called: The BAM Radio Hour! 

Each show is an hour long and will be released as a podcast for all to tune in and listen to!

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Once Upon a Time Machine - July 18

Release Party - Broadcasted LIVE on Facebook at 6:30pm

Podcast Release - Tune in at 7pm to hear it live!

Book, Lyrics, and Concept by Clare B, Maeve B, Hannah E, Sarah H, Caroline H, Katelyn K, Sammy M, and Ella R

Book and Additional Lyrics by Nick Thornton

Music, Music Direction, and Audio Editing by Patrick Hill

Production Asst. Director/Stage Management by Claire Drews

Something strange is happening to four orphan sisters at the Osiris School for Girls, and on top of that, they've just found a time machine. Follow Lily, Haley, Ember, and Echo as they travel through time searching for their lost parents and answers to their unanswered questions. What they find might surprise you. 

Thank you to Giuliano's Pizza for partnering with BAMtheatre for our Red Carpet Q&A!

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Meet the Cast

Clare B.


Maeve B.

Anna / The Teacher

Hannah E.


Sarah H.


Caroline H.

The Troll

Katelyn K.

The Headmistress

Sammy M.


Ella R.

Julie / The Mother

Process & Projects

Part of the process for the Jr Conservatory shows was allowing the Junior Ensemble to be a part of the design and creation of the costumes, sets, and marketing for their shows. Below are the projects that they were in the midst of for their show!

COSTUME DESIGNS - Costume Inspiration Images

PROPS - Time Travel Umbrellas