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BAM's Youth Theatre program is designed for students of all levels ages 5 - 16 who are interested in furthering their musical theatre knowledge and gaining performance experience. This program has occurred during the summer months for the past thirteen years. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, and in order to keep our whole BAMily safe, we will be moving our Summer Youth production of MARY POPPINS into our Summer 2021 Youth Theatre slot. We want to ensure that we can produce this show to its fullest extent, and feel that will be best achieved in our next summer season. In the meantime, please check out our Fall Broadway Kid's production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

Due to COVID-19, BAM has implemented many preventative measures to keep our programs safe for our students, families, and staff. For more information on those measures, please refer to our BAM COVID-19 Policies

Tuition: $400 

There are some scholarship and work study opportunities available.

View the BAMtheatre Tuition Policy. Tuition does not include costume fee.



The Movie Musical!

Why a movie-musical? At BAM, we pride ourselves in providing our customers unique, fun, and unforgettable educational opportunities. And we believe that a movie-musical will provide everyone with an incredible educational opportunity, as well as giving us all the chance to branch out into a medium that we may have never experienced before! 

What are the benefits of a movie-musical? This is a medium that many young performers do not get to experience so you’re already ahead of your peers! Video auditions, movies, and the virtual platform are the way of the future and you will learn how to present yourself on film in a professional manner. If you are considering studying theatre in college, many school’s will ask for a reel of footage that features you. And through this process, you will get professional footage of yourself performing! How amazing is that, and when else might you get this opportunity?!

We will be converting our stage production of JOSEPH into a movie-musical! 

All scenes will be rehearsed and filmed outside, welcoming a summer camp vibe for our concept of the show. Shooting will begin in the month of July, but some music and character development work may begin in June. This process will be more closely reflective of a movie-filming rehearsal process, rather than a traditional stage rehearsal process. The final product will be aired live at the end of the summer, and then available to stream again and again!  


Stay tuned for more information about our movie musical!


In this fun-filled theatre experience, students will study the fundamentals of theatre performance (singing, acting, and dancing) and also rehearse and perform a condensed musical theatre work. Rehearsals will be infused with lessons in theatre performance including how to audition, character development, musical theatre dance, and more! Throughout the program students will audition for, rehearse, and perform a condensed musical production. The focus of this program is on skill building, and the students will discover all of what goes into putting on a show - from the initial beginnings of auditions and rehearsals to tech and performance week! The performance will be produced “workshop style,” where the focus is on the performers rather than other production elements.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the parameters for this program are being adjusted. We will have two sessions of Broadway Kids! each capped at 45 students (enrollment is on a first-come-first-served basis) with 5 staff members for each session. Click here for more information about BAM's sanitizing and social distancing measures.  

November 20 - 22

Rehearsals Begin: Saturday, September 12

For more details about our Broadway Kids production

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