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Follow My Lead

Andrew loved everything about the theatre.  From the nerves of the audition to the late nights learning lines and endless rehearsals, nothing made him shine as bright as being in the spotlight on stage.  He came to life on stage making you feel he was performing just for you.


Whether the role was in a dramatic or musical production, he strived to understand every nuance of the character. He studied the character’s interactions with others in every scene to ensure he embodied each trait, quirk, and emotion of the character portrayed.  He shaved his head to transform his awkward teenage self into an old man to play the lead in The Father.  In the musical Hairspray, he donned a mile-high red wig, high heels and women’s clothing to embody Edna Turnblad, a mid-aged mother who was all woman embarking on social change in the 60’s.  He was our “Emmett” in Legally Blonde, where he brought his kind ways, leadership, dynamic personality and beautiful voice to the stage.  


This scholarship is being offered to our BAM Community in memory of Andrew Goldbranson, a bright and upcoming actor. This is an opportunity for a partial or full scholarship to be used towards tuition for BAMtheatre's High School & College Intensive Mainstage Production. Applications are due by Monday, May 13.

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