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BAMtheatre was founded in 2001 to create opportunities for young performers of all skill levels to receive professional musical theatre training and education, from preschool through college. It is our mission to empower young artists through theatre education by cultivating upstanding, creative, and inspired young artists who work to make the world a better place. 

BAM offers theatre education programming throughout the entire year, suitable for actors as young as three, through high school, college, and pre-professionals. Our programs are the creative home for well over 2500 actors annually. Learn more about the programs we offer here.

The following principals guide our programming and curriculum choices at BAMtheatre:

  1. Inclusion: We are committed to giving all students in our programs a voice, a safe space to express themselves, and a place to form genuine connections with other students and artists. We make performing arts education accessible to everyone who wishes to participate in our programs.

  2. Education: Our process-driven environment enables a positive creative space that welcomes students of all ages and levels. BAM's powerful programs work to celebrate and engage all students collaboratively while targeting the needs of each individual student.

  3. Community: We are an organization that seeks to connect with our Hinsdale community, our greater Chicago community, and the theatre community at large through arts-based activities. 

  4. Innovation: We are always seeking to learn more from our artists, students, and patrons, and vow to never stop developing as an organization.


BAM also stands by our four pillars which we strive to emphasize in every experience: focus, energy, enthusiasm, and joy. These are values that can be transferred into any facet of life - on or off the stage. BAM is a positive and collaborative environment that involves the whole student, allowing them to freely develop into the expressive and joyful beings they are!

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Statement of Inclusion

BAMtheatre defines itself as an educational theatre organization, and we fulfill our duty as educators by uplifting and welcoming all identities within our community. BAM is committed to being an artistic space that welcomes all people and identities. Theatre is a collaborative effort, meant for all people to participate in and to watch. Performance is fueled by the community that creates it. We strive to reach all audiences and tell the stories that must be told, paving the journey toward a better tomorrow. We aim to instill the values of kindness and open-mindedness in our students, and teach them the power of listening and effectively communicating with one another

Each student is unique and has something equally valuable to bring to the table. BAM is dedicated to bringing people together through theatre and music, and will continue to support all of students and ensure that they are heard, welcomed, and loved. 

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